The cutest cryptocurrency on the market

LoliCoin is the most promising anime-themed BEP20 token, bringing long term reflection and happiness to all crypto, money and anime Lovers.


Why LoliCoin?

Konnichiwa! Our Token has already won the hearts of the Anime World, and now it’s ready to take on the entire crypto universe! Holding our Token is not only totally safe, but it also means you’ll be rewarded with all sorts of kawaii goodies for the long term. Trust us, investing in us is the smartest and most sugoi decision you’ll ever make! Oh, and did we mention our Token is just too cute for words?

Anti-Bot Protection

Our Anti-Bot System keeps Bots and other dangerous Malware out.


Rewards contribute to a future-proof and modern ecosystem with NFT’s for Day-1 and other long time holding gifts.


Our Cooldown-System prevents rug pulls and other abusive behavior.


Whales belong in the sea and our Anti-Whale protection guarantees that no whales are outside of their habitat.



Aw, isn’t it just the cutest thing ever? Owning our precious Token means you’ll earn adorable LoliCoin as a reflection, and it’ll magically pop up in your Wallet without you having to lift a finger! You can just sit back and cuddle with your LoliCoin, without a worry in the world!




Total Coins


Team Members

How to buy

Token Adress and release date: TBA

Create Wallet

First, create a Multi-Coin crypto Wallet with a free provider like Trustwallet or MetaMask.

Fund Wallet

In the second Step, you need to fund your Wallet with BSC, you currently can’t use Ethereum.

Connect Wallet

Now you need to connect your Wallet to Pancake Swap, in order to swap your BSC for LoliCoin

Swap Coins

Finally, paste our Contract Address into PancakeSwap. Now, Click the Button “Swap”.


We have different phases, in order to archive our success.


Launching Phase

✓Website Launch
Pre Sale
NFT Preview
Official Coin Launch
Coingeko listing
Coinmarketcap listing


Community Phase

CEX Listing
Loli DEX
Shilling Contest in BUSD
Influencer marketing


Expanding Phase

More CEX Listing
NFT Release
NFT Marketplace
Celebrities Partnerships
LoliCoin Game
Merch Release

Our Team

The cutest Team in the cryptomarket




Ayami is the highly skilled and user-focused CTO of LoliCoin, driving innovation through a secure and delightful technology infrastructure.




Mamiko is the visionary CEO of LoliCoin, leading the charge with her strategic vision and passion for delightful user experiences.




Sashi is LoliCoin’s CMO, focused on creative customer engagement through strategic marketing and delightful brand experiences.


What is LoliCoin?

LoliCoin is a new and exciting cryptocurrency built on the BEP20 blockchain. It has unique features such as automatic and manual burn mechanisms, as well as an anti-whale system, anti-bot system, and cooldown system.

What is the anti-whale system?

The anti-whale system is designed to prevent large holders from manipulating the price of the token. It limits the maximum amount of LoliCoin that can be bought or sold in a single transaction, thereby promoting a fair and stable market for all users.

What is the anti-bot system?

The anti-bot system is in place to prevent automated trading bots from unfairly manipulating the price of the token. It uses advanced algorithms to detect and block suspicious trading activity, ensuring a level playing field for all users.

What is the cooldown system?

The cooldown system is designed to prevent rapid buying and selling of the token, which can cause sudden price fluctuations. After a transaction is made, there is a short cooldown period before another transaction can be made. This promotes a more stable market and prevents sudden price swings.

How can I buy LoliCoin?

LoliCoin is available for purchase on various cryptocurrency exchanges. Simply create an account on a reputable exchange that supports LoliCoin, deposit funds, and make your purchase.

How can I earn LoliCoin?

Holders of LoliCoin will earn a reflection of the token automatically sent to their wallet. This incentivizes long-term holding and provides a passive income stream for users.

Is LoliCoin safe to use?

LoliCoin is built on the BEP20 blockchain, which is known for its speed, security, and efficiency. It also has advanced security measures in place, such as the anti-whale and anti-bot systems mentioned above, to ensure the safety and integrity of the network.